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Call Us Now : (406) 542-2095

Call Us Now : (406) 542-2095

You've Got a Trusted Contractor by Your Side


Grizzly Siding & Windows will take care of installations and repairs of the siding on your home, garage or industrial building. We'll install new fascia and soffit to prep your house for new siding, too.

Do you have cement, metal, wood or vinyl siding? We proudly install all types and styles of siding so you will always stand out from the crowd. Call today to learn how we can work for you.


When you're deciding what you want the exterior of you home or business to look like, you run into a million options for every little detail. We believe that the exterior of your home or business is one of the most important considerations you are faced with as an property owner. We are here and happy to help you in this process every step of the way. Four things you should keep in mind when comparing siding options are:

1. Water resistance.

Metal and vinyl siding resist water damage very well, which is great for Montana weather. Concrete fiber and wood-based siding will need to be painted or treated to resist water damage.

2. Durability.

Concrete fiber siding is extremely impact resistant and can take a lot of abuse that other materials like metal and vinyl siding aren't as resistant to. Wood-based siding falls somewhere in between on the durability scale.

3. Cost.

Vinyl siding will usually cost you the least while metal siding tends to be the most expensive option. Metal and vinyl have the advantage of being pre-finished and are virtually maintenance-free. Concrete fiber and wood-based siding usually fall somewhere in between metal and vinyl once the cost for painting and/or treating is figured into the price

4. Aesthetics.

Do you like the way this siding looks? If it’s a building you or your customers have to see every day, take into account how it looks on your property. In general, wood and brick look cozier and more inviting, but certain types of vinyl and metal come in fun colors and unique finishes that will help you stand out. 

Whatever you choose, trust Grizzly Siding & Windows to install it perfectly.

Call 406-542-2095 today to speak with a qualified contractor.