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Window installations by Grizzly Siding & Windows

The team at Grizzly Siding & Windows will install any type of window you like. We’ve worked with:
Bay windows
Round and half-round windows
Windows with grids
Stained-glass windows
Eyebrow windows
Energy-efficient windows
Egress Windows

We can also replace any broken or aging windows in your home. Call us today for a free local estimate.

3 easy ways to care for your windows

3 easy ways to care for your windows

Before you need a repair or replacement, make sure you’re taking great care of your windows. Here are three easy ways to lengthen the life of your windows:

  1. Clean your windows regularly. All it takes is a little soapy water, a sponge and a dry towel to get sparkling windows in no time.
  2. Inspect your windows every season for damage. Check your frames and sills for signs of moisture damage and rot.
  3. Replace the rubber seals in your windows frequently. You can also use spray-foam insulation or caulk to fix them.
  4. Beautiful windows show off your home to the world. Call 406-542-2095 today to learn how we can give your house more curb appeal.